For Dollars Seminar

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The excitement of a casino during a busy weekend or an event is one of the greatest things you have experienced. People everywhere having a good time. Cocktail waitresses in little outfits, women throwing themselves at strange men and fights. When the fight starts security runs in and takes control of the situation. The fight is broken up, patrons are handcuffed and dragged to a back room while screaming obscenities that would make a sailor blush.

You're in good shape and have been know to handle yourself in a fight or two. You're clean cut and not afraid of anything! Maybe the job of casino security is the excitement that seems to be missing in your life. You go home, pack up your things and move to a gambling town with the intent to get a job in casino security! You can't wait to begin cuffing people and throwing them out. You know they are just waiting for ( you to be their hero.....and then there's the reality.

Once you move to the town of your choice and finally find a place to live near the downtown area it's time to start applying to all the places you would love to work. Big casino's and smaller casino's. You might even decide to be the hero of the much smaller casino's in the area. You know they will make it worth your time. So you fill out the applications and wait. Sometimes you get an interview the same day and sometimes you don't.

But when you do get that interview you're ready until they want your blood, your urine and even a snip of your hair. Your criminal background will be checked before you are allowed to apply for a gaming card giving you permission to work anywhere that deals with money and gambling. Not to mention you have to be 21 years of age or older. You first test is being able to read and write without help. This is not a job for the illiterate because if you get the job there will be lots and lots of paperwork.

That's right, you'll have more to do than just walk around and look good. Your next test will determine if you'll get any kind of a job in a casino. The drug test. Most do a urine test and some do a hair test that goes as far back as far as seven years. If you have done any kind of drugs or have a felony you won't be hired. It's as simple as that. If you are going to work with large amounts of money then you have to have a clean record.

Next comes the interview. You will need to be clean cut and no visible tattoos. Most casino's do not allow employee's to have visible tattoo's so cover them up or don't get them at all. Hair short for men, held back and in place for women. Good hygiene is a must for security work for your own health and safety. No colorful hair, unusual makeup or piercing's. If you can read and write then expect to be able to speak clearly and to understand others when they speak to you.

A big part of your job will be how well you can communicate. You have to take orders and respond clearly that you understand what you are to do when told to do it! If you are not "into" taking orders then leave now. Taking orders from those in charge without questions can save your life and that of other guest in the casino. There is a lot more to the job than walking around waiting for a fight to breakout. You will also have to respond to medical emergencies.

You must be trained in first aid and many places will require you to have first responder training. You will deal with everything from a cut finger to a heart attack to drug overdose and seizures. You can't be asking advise of the people standing around you. You have to know enough to take charge and make quick decisions. Now for the part of the job you didn't think about. You will spend hours walking the floor looking for anything out of the norm.

It can get very boring. If anything appears wrong you will have to know what to do and who to call. Sometimes it will be something you can take care of and sometimes you will have to call another department. You will check countless identification's. You cannot flirt with other employee's or the customers. You have a job to do even if it is putting you to sleep. After any incident you will have to fill out a report.

On a slow night you might only fill out one or two. On a busy night you will fill out lots of reports.